Viva Haití Movement

The Viva Haiti Movement started in 2006 in the city of Saint Marc. Instituted by Danny Kim and Monica Estacio to meet the need of creating community group leaders that could bring improvements in the health, social and educational conditions of the people in this area.

For the following 5 years, the project took shape with the help of medical students who were studying in the Dominican Republic and proved to be a valuable asset to the project.

A network of international contacts was established which culminated in the creation of a large community centre which answered the residents’ basic needs, including a school, a health centre and a church; thus, covering the three basic needs of a human being.

After 10 years of education, coordination, construction and growth, the project was handed over to local residents in December 2016 following the wishes of its founders: To begin with the help of locals, to grow with their help, and finally to transfer the project to capable local personnel within ten years’ time.

Through the “Viva Haiti Movement”, 25,000 patients have been seen by 2 local doctors, 3 nurses, 1 laboratory technician and other diverse healthcare staff who have offered their services at different times. The school now has 310 children in infant education, 210 in primary and secondary education and 30 teachers. The church is attended by 100 adults and 120 children. The centre is currently offering vocational training in carpentry, agriculture and hairdressing. The cost of the project totalled nearly 1 million dollars.

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